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What makes working with The Mortgage Calculator different?

We are a Non-Delegated Correspondent lender with the tools to empower loan officers to scale their business exponentially, instantly!

Whether company leads or self-generated leads, we believe that every Loan Officer needs a full pipeline to succeed. We empower all our Loan Officers to fill their pipeline daily with new company leads, or use our lead generating CRM to create their own leads!

Non Delegated Correspondent with Over 112 Approved Lenders and Investors!

As a Non Delegated Correspondent Lender we have the best of all business models as we can both offer Brokered and Correspondent loans for our borrowers! We have over 5,000 Loan Programs as a Lender with our 32 Correspondent Investors for the best pricing and programs. If we need to find a special home for an outside the box loan we have over 80 Wholesale Lenders we have partnered with for brokered loans! Every loan request we receive we ensure we have a program that fits!

Fully Integrated POS, CRM & LOS - Single Login with All Services Integrated

Our software was built for us, by us! Instantly take your prospect from a simple website inquiry to live quotes, customer completing the 1003, pulling credit, and all liabilities set for you in Encompass without lifting a finger! One login for LOs and one login for Customers start to finish. Our custom software has API integrations with Encompass, Optimal Blue, CIC Credit, Meridian Link, Accountchek, Appraisal Works, Google AI, VOIP Phone, Email, SMS, MMS, DNC, Google Maps, Zoho, SignRequest, Zillow, Public Tax Data, DU/DO, LP, Zapier and more!

Remote Learning Center & Daily LIVE Trainings

Attend classes any time in our remote training center to add new lead sources to your pipeline or get approved for a new loan type for company leads! Get LIVE support M-F 10AM-6PM EST and LIVE weekly trainings! Search our integrated knowledge center with thousands of articles and videos from our admins and partners.

And much more!
  • Ability to Close DSCR Business Purpose Loans in over 44 Total States!
  • Unlimited daily leads at 50/50 split
  • Refer Deals to Senior LOs for 75BPS
  • Lead Support - Set Your Own Lead Campaigns
  • Lead Webhook - Import Leads from Anywhere via Zapier
  • No Monthly Fees

About The Mortgage Calculator

Learn more about what makes working as a loan officer for The Mortgage Calculator the right choice. Listen to founders Nick and Kyle Hiersche, along with Jose Gonzalez, talk about how The Mortgage Calculator platform works, from getting started with receiving leads all the way to getting documents signed and closing loans.


Our Compensation Plans

Senior Loan Officer

Your commission


200 BPS on Conventional/NonQM (2%)
100 BPS on Company Leads Conventional/NonQM (1%)

Apply for Senior Loan Officer

  • Everything in Loan Officer Plus:
  • Receive Referrals from Team Loan Officers
  • Team Leader Upgrade (Earn +15 BPS)
  • Branch Manager Upgrade (Earn +25 BPS)

* 6 Loans Closed to Upgrade to Senior MLO

Loan Officer

Your commission


150 BPS on Conventional/NonQM (1.5%)
75 BPS on Company Leads Conventional/NonQM (.75%)

Apply for Loan Officer

  • Everything in Junior Loan Officer Plus:
  • Unlimited Leads at 50/50 Split
  • Access to Live Click to Claim Leads
  • Refer Deals to Senior LOs for 75BPS
  • Originate in Up to 24 States for Primary/Second Homes
  • Originate in 20 Additional States Business Purpose!

* 1 Loan Per Month Minimum Production

Junior Loan Officer

Your commission


75 BPS (.75%) for Referrals to Senior Loan Officers

Apply for Junior Loan Officer

  • Your Plan Includes:
  • Free Proprietary CRM/POS/LOS Software
  • Access to Leads in Auto Dialer
  • Refer Deals to Senior LOs for 75BPS
  • Recruiting Bonus Opportunities

* No Minimum Production Requirements

The Mortgage Calculator NMLS Licensed States

NMLS Licensed States for The Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator Company LLC is licensed as a Mortgage Lender in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington and more pending.
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